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Royal FantasyDSC_2693

(AMHR) 318874B

ASPC 148708A – Foaled 8/1/00 – Foundation Certified

Royal Fantasy was given her name because it is everyone’s fantasy to have a beautiful buckskin! A little chrome was just icing on the cake. Fantasy is a young mare and had her first foal, a colt named Royal Mystery, in 2004. With a pedigree that reads like a who’s who, color, and conformation Fantasy produces beautiful babies!







Royal Frosted Surprise (HOF)Royalfrostedsurprise

(AMHR) 318863B

ASPC Hall Of Fame Superior Dam
ASPC 142506A – Foaled 5/30/95 – 40.25 inches – Foundation Certified

Royal Frosted Surprise has been an excellent show mare and has proven herself to be a superior producer. Her first two foals, Royal Cherry Surprise and Royal Splish Splash, were inducted into the ASPC Halter Hall of Fame in 2004. Producing two Hall of Fame foals earned her induction into the ASPC Hall of Fame as a Superior Dam in 2004.

Highly expressed Sorrel Sabino Roan

Frosting is pictured at left in the ring at the 50th Annual Classic Shetland Congress in Mason City, IA. Royal Splash and Royal Speckles are both sired by Royal Firecracker as is her 2005 filly Royal Flashfire.


Royal Glamour Puss
Bay Roan

ASPC 147680A – Foaled 6/4/99 – Foundation Certified

Royal Glamour Puss was recently repurchased in 2003 and added to the Royal Pony Farm broodmare herd. Glamour Puss looks nearly identical to Royal Gretta-Gee right down to her tiny bit of face white and in the pasture they can be difficult to tell apart.

Glamour Puss is a daughter of another successful Royal broodmare, Royal Alice’s Glamour Girl. Glamour Puss is producing beautiful foals – her 2004 and 2005 foals by Royal Bold Gold were both sold prior to weaning. Her 2006 filly is one of Donna’s favorites and may join the herd as a future broodmare.


Royal Gold Mica2015-08-09 408


ASPC 151961A – Foaled 5/28/03 – Foundation Certified
Royal Gold Mica is a stunning, very classy young mare sired by Royal Bold Gold. She has been one of Donna’s favorites since the day she was born and we expect great things from her as a broodmare.






Royal Gold MikkiDSC_2773

ASPC 154812A – Foaled 5/7/05 – Foundation Certified

Royal Gold Mikki is a pretty palomino daughter of Royal Toots. She a full sister to Royal Gold Mica and we expect her to be an asset to our breeding her just like her big sister is.







Royal Impressive HeatherRoyalimpressiveheather
Dark Silver Bay Roan

ASPC 142456A – Foaled 7/3/94 – Foundation Certified

Heather is one of those beautiful, high contrast, bay roans that Howard loved. Heather is pictured with her 2002 filly Royal Gold Glitters.
When you think “true four season roan” Royal Pony Farm is probably not the first Classic Shetland herd that pops to mind but it should! Royal has had roans from the beginning (Queeny’s daughter Jolly Malta was a blue roan). Some of the earlierst ponies registered in the ASPC using the term “bay roan” were registered that way by the late Howard Richardson half a decade before the term became widely used.


Royal KrumkakaRoyalKrumkaka

ASPC 139964A – Foaled 5/16/91 – Foundation Certified

Royal Krumkaka was foaled the year that Donna decided she should name ponies with a Scandinavian theme. The part of Iowa where Royal Pony Farm is located was settled by Scandinavian.

Krumkaka was shown as a youngster and has since retired to the broodmare band. Her beautiful buckskin coloration make her stand out in the home herd and she is one that everyone notices when they see her in the pasture.

Krumkaka is pictured with her 2005 colt Royal Bold Image.





Royal Mama’s GirlRoyalmamasgirl
Flaxen Sorrel daughter of Bay Girl

ASPC 147684A – Foaled 4/18/99 – Foundation Certified

Royal Mama’s Girl is one of several daughters of Royal Bay Girl that we have retained as broodmares. Like many other Royal broodmares, Mama’s girl took her turn in the show ring before joining the broodmare band.






lee-land Karml ASPC 152763A 2015-08-09 517

Lee-Land Karml have had success in the show ring. Shirl-Lee got her name by being born on Shirley’s birthday!  Lee-Land Karml’s name is also a play on words. She’s a very carmel colored buckskin and her name was spelled the way it was as a tribute to Bob’s late wife Karma.








Royal Peppermint Twist ASPC 1596902015-08-09 403












Royal Jolly-Gee 318867B (AMHR)DSC_2542



DSC_2566 DSC_2991





Royal Fancy Bliss ASPC 159701  AMHR 318572B 2015-08-09 516












Royal Gray GleamDSC_2792

Gray Mare










Royal Malibu Barbie ASPC 156052A2015-08-09 514










Royal Blue By Doo ASPC 163982DSC_2907






Lee-land Playmate  ASPC 156257A AMHR 318871B 2015-08-09 508