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Lee-Land LusciouslusciousR
Black & White Pinto

ASPC 142783A – Foaled 5/5/95 – Foundation Certified

Pictured is Luscious at the 1995 Classic Shetland Congress in Mason City, IA.

Lee-Land Luscious is the Royal Pony Farm good will ambassador. Luscious has spent nearly every Christmas since she was a weanling as part of a live Nativity at a local church. Luscious adores attention and is often the first mare to greet visitors at the home farm near Story City. Luscious had a successful show career as a youngster and is proving herself to also be an excellent broodmare.

Both Luscious’ 2003 filly Shirl-Lee and her 2004 filly


Lee-Land Rhapsody ASPC# 142062Arhapsody95
Bay & White Pinto

Lee-Land Rhapsody is one of the two Kid Lee daughters that resides at Royal Pony Farm.

The photo  was taken in 1995 at the National Shetland Congress in Mason City, IA. Rhapsody was a yearling in the photo.









Dar-Lu’s Chicochicoand06filly
Silver Roan going Gray

ASPC 150007A – Foaled 4/18/01

Dar-Lu’s Chico is one of the mares purchased by Donna to add a little outside blood into the Royal herd. Yes, Chico does have some Royal in her background so isn’t totally an outcross bloodline but she has everything Donna looks for when considering adding a new mare to the herd. (Chico is a great-granddaughter of Royal Gretta-Gee and therefore is a direct descendent of Donna’s very first pony Malta).

Chico is a little “stockier” than the average Royal pony but her depth is expected to compliment the ultra refined looks of several of the Royal herdsires. Chico has a superb disposition and loves children, even allowing them to come up and pet her when she’s laying down soaking up some sun in the pasture.

Chico and her get will not be eligible for the ASPC’s Foundation Seal.



Wa-Full Baron’s HaloHalo06-1
Silver Dapple Roan

ASPC 148729A – Foaled 4/24/00 – Foundation Certified

Wa-Full Baron’s Halo is a stunning silver dapple roan daughter of Baron’s Benny VB. Donna has a soft spot for roans and silver dapples so it is natural that Halo’s unusual coloration appealed to her. Halo produced a beautiful silver bay roan colt in 2004 sired by Royal Alice’s Boy and fillies in 2005 and 2006. We look forward to many more foals from her in the future.





McCall’s BC Daisy Blue ASPC #154328A

Royal Czara 156055 (ASPC) sorrel and Daisy Blue (Blue Roan)

Royal Czara 156055 (ASPC) sorrel and Daisy Blue (Blue Roan)

Blue Roan












Shirl Lee ASPC#151866AShirlLee

Sorrel & White Pinto









Lee-Land Petite
Bay – Located in Texas